WordPress Help For the DIYer

I am a HUGE fan of WordPress if you couldn't already tell!  I love the flexibility and how easy it is for even a novice to create a page or write a blog.  The flexibility and ease have led to WordPress' popularity among many other things.

You may have fallen prey to the "WordPress is easy" as I did 11 years ago, but I stuck with it even though it wasn't so easy at first.

Helping entrepreneurs like yourself learn and understand WordPress has always been near and dear to my heart.  I remember those days of crying, frustration, and wanting to give up.

There are several ways I can help you on your WordPress journey.

  • Head on over to the blog and watch the on-demand videos.
  • Read the DIY blog posts
  • Check out the shop for ebooks and worksheets to help you with your branding and website prep.
  • Hire me for a WordPress consultation.  During this 60 minute conversation, we can talk all things WordPress and branding.