Design for PDFs

Your branding isn’t just about your website.  It's any and everything that represents your brand, online and offline.  Your ebooks, worksheets, cheat sheets, show notes, handouts, and workbooks all represent our brand.

If you've got an amazing website, why are you stopping there?  I mean think about this for a minute, friend.  That PDF is printed and laying on someone's desk or hanging up on a whiteboard, command center, or bulletin board.  That means it's seen day in and day out.

It's an important, prime real estate at the touch of your client or potential client hands so it needs to be worthy of your brand!

It should be more than just a Word document with words on it.  It also needs to evoke emotion, be easy to read and presented in a manner that is easily digestible.



PDF Design

  • A discovery call to discuss the vision you have for your PDF, the design, and layout
  • Up to 5 stock photos that represent your brand to enhance your document
  • A style guide so that all of your PDFs have consistent branding
  • Your branded PDF document
  • A 3D graphic design on your PDF so that you can share it on social media and your website

Your investment: Starting at $250 for 4 pages


Need help crafting your free offer?  Add a one-hour free offer strategy call for an additional $150