30 Days to a Better Website



Not sure if your website is all that it can be?  One of the many things that often gets neglected on the long list of to-do’s for us entrepreneurs is our website.  But, that’s exactly what you don’t want to do!

Think about your website like this, it’s a 24-day, 7-day a week salesperson for your business.  If your website is subpar and not putting it’s best foot forward, you could be losing clients and none of us wants that to happen!

30-days to a Better Website is a guide and checklist to help you well….have a better website!  Every single thing on this list is something that you can do yourself if you want to or if you have a technical VA, this is a perfect project for him or her.

You’ll look at your website through your website visitors eyes because, after all, your website is for them; not for you.  It’s got to attract those clients you want to work with and not the ones you have to work with and there is a HUGE difference between those two things.

There is a task to perform each day.  Some will take longer than others and you may be able to do more than that each day if you want.  The great thing is that you can go at your own pace.

What’s included?

  • An email each day with 1 common issue I see with websites and how to fix it!
  • 107-page ebook and workbook full of more tips, strategies, and worksheets



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